Thursday, August 13, 2015

The City Sightseeing in Vienna- A Photo Diary

Vienna as a city had much to offer. And as and when you reach the tourist spot which was ours, that started from St Stephen's Cathedral, everything had been a walkable distance from there. The beautiful pavements and cobbler stone pathways here and there, silence of this place, despite being so busy, had indeed given us something to carry forward. Since it was sunny and not really a great weather to walk long, we took the City Sightseeing bus. It was Air conditioned and we could actually see the city without loosing our minds. To tell the truth, its a big city and if you want to see the Schonburnn Palace, then you really need all the energy to see the inside of this very huge palace. Some of the other places we visited were the Hofburg Palace, now all converted into a museum, The Vienna State Opera, St Peter's Church, Austrian Parliament building and few more places that just we came across while taking a walk along the way of the palace. 

We were living very close to the main shopping street so everything we wanted to eat was close by. Even the metro was just a 10 minutes walk away. Travelling in Vienna was never a problem and perhaps that made the day a very pleasant memory to take back home.

A sunny day in Vienna

St Stephen's Cathedral

Autumn Foliage
Votive Church, a view from a cafe
In The City Sight Seeing Bus, listening to audio guide

Part of Hofburg Palace

The local food delights- Schizel 

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