Friday, August 28, 2015

Food Tales with TinyOwl

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When I think about food, all  can think about is Biryani and not anywhere else but Hyderabad's authentic kitchen diaries where you get to relish the tastebuds of the Nawabs in the times of of glorious historical India. And since I am a 'pakka' Hyderabadi, I cannot compromise on taste and when it comes to delicacies, I got to have what's authentic. And surprisingly authentic biryani isn't available in some fancy restaurants but the age old cafes and restaurants that have done well in time. Some of the best examples are Paradise and Gulf Cafe. Their taste is just outstanding. 
No matter what we do end up checking out new places and some do surprise us with their promptness and service with food being utterly delicious. And some don't. I had such an experience at one famous restaurant that have opened a branch at Hitech city and I really live far away from the place, so it took effort to be there. Unfortunately the food was horrible, tasteless and still the crowd was tight. I know our love for food and the adventurous streak in us want to explore a bit more than the usual hauntings but it would have been great if it saved me the effort of driving far away totally unaware of how the restaurant is.

Somehow I love my food and when lot of people hangout at my place impromptu then ordering in makes sense. After the addition of an active toddler in home who is not really restaurant friendly, it's not always possible for me to go to a restaurant and for that home delivery is the best option for me. And I ended using TinyOwl as an app. It was just like a magic button that saves all my information if I want to order again. And the options are unlimited that you would end up lost in the app. You could decide on your cravings and depend on TinyOwl to find you the best restaurant for you. Once you have chosen a restaurant, you will find various courses displayed and you could just tick on the plus, to add to your list of food. 

I find this app extremely useful and it works great anywhere. Just the thing you need when you want to spend the day at home.

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