Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling at home

Its still raining outside and I am all cozied up in my blankie thanking God than I have a home where I feel safe and happy. Its the same feeling every season. I like the summers (maybe coz I am a April baby) but then the sun gets too harsh on me in the afternoons, I love the autumn but then the leaves make such a mess around, I like the winters too because then I wouldn't have to spend my days in the air conditioner but I hate the nights. I just feel so frozen.
So the point of all this?
Yes, I am coming to it.
I have a beautiful home. Every part of it dear to me. I spend my time looking after it, sometimes I ignore it too. But its times like this when I realize how important a home to me. I sit on my jhoola and stare outside from the balcony, the water dripping down the trees and I waive at the people who are running away from the harsh droplets of rain. They all just want to get home.
I open my book and peek into it, the rain making a happy sound behind me. I wish I had a cup of tea in my hands now as I say this but alas I just sit and stare at the water outside, feeling safe in my own little haven I have made for myself.

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