Sunday, September 18, 2011

Husbands vs Bachelors

The transition from becoming a bachelor to a husband must be really so different for the men.

Bachelor: I am going to sleep all day long on Sunday!
Husband: I want aloo paranthas for breakfast today

Bachelor: I think I will chat with Nina, Meena, Tina at night
Husband: I think I am just going to sleep early. have to get up early tomorrow.

Bachelor: I need a new shirt. ASAP.
Husband: Wife's birthday's coming, need to buy her something.

Bachelor: I can pool in with the others to give a party to so and so.
Husband: We already spent on this month on buying ourselves a washing machine. The party can wait.

Bachelor: I am going home for chutti.
Husband: I wanna plan a huge vacation for both of us.

Bachelor: I think I will meet up with friends in chutti.
Husband: I would watch sports of all different kinds on TV

Bachelor: I dislike bhindi, gobi, aloo...
Husband: Yay! home cooked food tonight (even though its baigan bharta)

Bachelor: I really haven't kissed someone recently
Husband: Oh, the sex can wait!

Bachelor: I am waiting for someone special
Husband: I think I have had my share of special-ness when i see her shave her legs and floss her teeth.

Okay, jokes apart.

Husbands are this really special things. They have loads of patience and they love to be pampered and in turn pamper us. This makes a really good survival tactics to sustain a marriage of a lifetime.

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