Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In Conversation with Mr A K Kundra, the President of SimplyGive Foundation, NGO

AK Kundra , an Educationist and Social Entrepreneur is the Founder at The City High School, Hyderabad. It's philosophy includes pace-based learning, utilizing community resources and issues as tools and context for education. He is the inspiration behind, to make this dream come true.
The School is a realization of his values and belief that investment in education is always for generations to come.
He is also the President at Care4 Autism Center & The Autism Friendly School, both centers of Excellence, in Hyderabad and gives his time equally to all his endeavors. His experience in running a NGO made him realise the financial constraints with which small NGOs in India work and sowed in him the seeds of providing support to them thru an online giving portal. Being tech-savvy, he wants to harness the power of the internet thru & , connecting large-hearted Donors to NGOs.
So lets us know a little about SimplyGive Foundation, the Fundraising division of CFA Society , an NPO, to work for the under- privileged in every sphere of life.

How does your organization differ from its competitors?
Our organisation differs in the sense that we reach the smallest NGO rather than cater to top NGO’s flush with funds. This is the major difference in our approach when compared to our competitor.

What are the company’s plans for future growth?
Our NPO plans to reach every NGO in rural India and ensure that they reach out to donors all over the world, thus making a difference in the lives of the under-privileged.

What problems is your organization facing?
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IS TO REACH OUT TO THAT SINGLE VOLUNTEER NGO in villages, who has his Feet-in-the- Street, and help him fund his single-minded mission in making a difference at the grass-root level.

What do you like most about working here?
THE BEST THING ABOUT WORKING IN SIMPLYGIVE is that  positive things can be done for the community/society thru our reach and how we are harnessing the power of internet to bring donor support to the rural NGO.

How would you describe the corporate culture (or work environment) here?
The work culture here is simple : Make A Difference

What is the Organizations mission?
To harness the power of the internet to enable people to raise funds  for charities, easily and cost-effectively, particularly for charities working in the field of Child disability. They chose to help and support those working in the unique area to make these children independent and educated will mean a better world for them and their families living and struggling with disabilities.

What group benefits most?

How to you deliver your services?
TO MAKE THE NGOs come on the world map of Charity giving, harnessing the power of internet simultaneously bringing the donor reach out to his favored community working in causes close to his heart.

What is your source of fund raising?

How do you recruit volunteers?
From colleges, we make students understand how working for the community can make a difference in their lives too. Also, working in community for underprivileged will help enhance their cv, thus enabling them get better jobs.

For more details on SimplyGive Foundation, log on to its website: 

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  1. No doubt he is a gifted individual with passion for community service and a vision for future 👏


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