Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dealing with difficult situations and people

Only you can make yourself unhappy.
People will try to make your life difficult, maybe they find happiness in hurting someone but as long as you hold it all together and think positive then you have the ball in your court. You have to remember that suffering is a part of life and if there is no suffering then you wouldn't enjoy the fruits of life.
No matter where you go you will meet people who dislike you, want to challenge you and perhaps even make you hate your life.
No excuses for that.
But if you cannot change the situation then encourage yourself to focus on your positive energies and keep that person out of your life and mind as much as possible. You can just keep a professional front that satisfies him but if it disturbs you to be around such a person then become your own person. Stand up for yourself and make sure that nothing that he does scares you off. You have the decision in your hands. I think its very easy to forget a person who holds a grudge against you because to be at peace, keep your mind open away from all the negativeness and cut off from them to create a happy environment around yourself. Listen to music of your choice, read a good book, watch a cheesy movie or just plan a vacation that you might take a little later maybe but do it now by going online and checking the websites. Happy thoughts create happy people.
Be that person and make your own life beautiful and worthwhile.

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