Monday, September 5, 2011

Likability quotient. Do you have it in you?

Why is this restlessness to find more in life of what is already giving me immense happiness?
I have realized I do not need too many things to make me happy. A kind word and a kind thought is enough for now. And even if people hate me, think i am arrogant for thinking that I am the best, I take it in a stride. In true honesty I have realized that when people tag others as arrogant its just when they want to hide the flaws in their character.
If they blame the other person for being a under-performer then they are just being prejudiced and not open to new ideas. Because if you are open to new things and when you encourage another person to become a better person, you are in turn making changes in yourself and being more likable.
There isn't a magic formula to make people to like you. Its mostly how you treat them. Haven't you heard the saying again and again, "treat the person the way you want to be treated?" Here we go then, make sure that you give that person equal opportunity to prove himself. If you have something against him then ask yourself "why?"
I cannot say that there are evil people out there. Yes, there are some people who forget their standing and do not know how to live in a community. If you are rich, gorgeous and thin then life would be so perfect, right? But it isn't like that always. If you are rich, you could be fat, if you are thin, you could have the bank balance of a pauper. But then money and the things he possess does not make him the man of the world. One does not like someone for how many things he has got at home. A person is only likable if you give the other person priority of thought and a chance to prove your worth.
So if you want to be likable now, prove your worth equally, otherwise you are just living in an illusion of comfort and power. It doesn't give you much happiness nor friends in the end.

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