Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Romance In Venice and The Three Islands

Venice At Night
If Paris is where you find love, Venice is where you find romance. This city is like a cherry on the cake and I absolutely fell in love with it. It was peak summer and tourists from all over the world were around. Yet what I love about tourists is that they enjoy themselves with all their heart and not really bothered about anybody else.  And Venice when you reach gives you a vibe of a cooler, less starched up people. Yet you should know that Italians are very proud people. Some will love you, some won't.

Doges Palace

The B n B we stayed in was great since we had our own room the host was amazingly helpful. We were given a micron to use and we had cup noodles that we purchased from the market. And after priming up, we set out to explore the city on foot. We couldn't take a biking tour here because no bike, cars or buses are allowed inside Venice. There are Ferry bus that take you anywhere and everywhere. Just purchase a two day or three day ticket and you are all set to see all the three islands- MURANO, BURANO AND TURANO. 
Fashionable Venice
Interesting bookshop in the lanes of Venice

Places worth visiting is the Grand Canal, St Peter's Basillica, Doge's palace, Rialto bridge. Bridge of sighs, 
MURANO is all about glass art. If you love to look at blowup glass workshop then you will be shown it for free the moment you arrive. Although they will ask you to purchase something in the end, nothing I could see was within the budget. So stir clear of the factory and go to smaller shops and get something for yourself. 

The glass bowing workshop in the glass factory

BURANO is about beautiful lace work. You can see shops thriving with lace stoles, shirts and handkerchiefs. What's stunning about Burano is the burst of colours as you enter. Beautiful homes, with interesting decor outside will make your day a happy one. It's a small town, so you will walk it off in an hour with clicking a lot of pictures. You can see a few tilted buildings too and interesting to see that they don't want to renovate it. 
Lace stoles
This is an art workshop

The shopkeepers selling these outside

A Portrait Of Burano
The essence of Burano are these little lanes

TURANO is again a city which didn't interest us much so we kinda didn't go very far. You can visit the church which is said to be famous and that's about it. I recommend visiting MURANO and BURANO in particular. The ferry ride is beautiful too.  


  1. Wow! I am absolutely loving your travel posts. Lovely pictures.Venice looks so beautiful.
    Did you buy any lace stole from there? They look great.

    1. No Purba I couldn't buy anything. we spent a lot on biking and museums already. So shopping was kept to a minimum. I did buy a bag (what woman wouldn't like that?) :).

  2. Replies
    1. That's great Archana...Venice is truly heaven!

  3. I was just telling my wife to plan for Venice sometime. Well, we are in US but Europe is my favorite destination - Venice, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Holland, Sweden are my top spots to visit.

    Hope i get to be there sometime soon :)

    1. I think its a great idea. Its truly picturesque.


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