Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Reasons To See Tv On your mobile Via TataSky Transfer now!

The Past
I whip out the remote and finish the dinner wipe my hands on a a towel and sit on the sofa, turning on the TV. Says bah is on, i am getting into the groove when husband enters~
"The US open is going on".
When i look blankly at him, he says as if to explain, "It's Nadal and Fedrer playing!"
Obviously the remote goes to him. And then i am left alone to my own thing. It's usually when i join him watching it, not getting a thing about the damn thing. Who said a girl has to like sports to be feminist? I like my TV dramas a lot. 
So when TataSky introduces a new feature where you can record your shows and transfer them on your mobile, I found like my life was revolutionised! 
Here is why:  

Mobile Is all yours:

 You cannot vouch that about your TV. After all television is all about family. Your toddler wants to watch the tv or your mom in law wants to watch the latest serial. Your mobile will be yours and you don't need to share. So all you got to do is get the new TataSky Transfer and get going. Just record and transfer your favourite show or movie on your device. 

Avoid The Ads:

What we hate about good entertainment is the advertisements. No matter how cute it could be. The break is just a waste of time and you need to get other things done as well, so just use your mobile and forward all those wasted moments into quality time with your smartphone.

Travel made easy:

With increased travelling time, and road trips on my schedule because we just love our car so much doesn't mean that i have to wait for someone to talk or gossip to pass the time. With great features on Tatasky Transfer, you can watch them along the journey and just be yourself. 

Some Alone time:

Whether it's from your family or just work, you need your alone time too. To gather yourself, to just be, you can watch what you want to. I loved the series Grey's Anatomy and no one in my family likes English dramas. So, i whipped up my mobile (my superpower) used the Tatasky transfer and got it all recorded when I was out of the house. Evening when I am done with my chores, I just sit and relax with my favourite show. 

Sometimes you need to laugh:

Shows like Big Bang Theory, Friends, The New Girl, Happily Divorced, Bhabhiji Ghar par hai,  will always be a all time favourite. So instead of serials, I watch these to destress. And maybe no one else would get the joke but me. 

So really what are you waiting for? Follow the link to Tatasky Transfer and get your own shows and movies on your mobile. And enjoy them at your own pace. I found peace with the television, it is time to move on to my smartphone now.

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