Sunday, September 13, 2015

5 must do things in Budapest

The view from the Castle Hill
A walk in the castle: It was afternoon when we reached Budapest and had taken a beautiful B n B for accommodation. The best part was it being closer to the metro station. Mikhlos and his friend guided our and made our stay simply comfortable. 
Go for this, you will not regret it. It's right in front of Terror Haza

The chain bridge on our biking tour
Stuck in a cafe in Rain

Biking the city 

If you haven’t biked in Budapest, well you will be missing out on many places here that’s difficult to cover in a short time. Our guide took out to so many places starting with the Jewish Colony and then we made our way towards the Castle only to have the rain give up on us. It rained so hard and with our bikes being electric, it had to be parked somewhere. We found a tiny cave like space near the castle road and stood there crammed with several others. Now i know how the holocaust must have felt. Reading all about it and visiting places made me a little queasy already. Good news- we were promised another ride on the bike though the next day for free. We covered the chain bridge, St Stephens Cathedral, The ParliamentMargaret Island, Fisherman's Bastion (On the castle hill) and also the fountain where water stops when you try to touch it. 
The Fisherman's Bastion

You can take the trolley bus lines directly to go up

Terror of Haza (house)

If you are a fan of history then come here. Here you will find real videos of prisoners of war who tell their tale of horror and  injustice. They also hand you their literature for each room you visit so, you can take it home. I saw a group of students inside who were well into it. We are not allowed to take pictures or videos since it's all not to be produced elsewhere. There is a underground prison where they tell how the prisoners were tortured and kept and never freed. It was truly a shocking experience. 

The Szechenyj Bath - Hot spring spa  
Budapest has their natural hot springs so if you have walked all day long and need a little loving then do visit the place for a fantastic relaxation time for yourselves. 

The River Cruise

This was a spontaneous romantic plan my husband made. We spent an arm and a leg for the river cruise and went for a dinner cruise where we had the local dishes of Hungary and loved it. We were served champagne (or beer) and after the dinner, we went over the terrace to enjoy a view of the city lights. It was something. The twinkling lights, the silent sounds of the river and you just fall in love all over again. Like I did. 
Our Cruise Ship

The Ice-cream shop and a walk around the city

As we walked around the city, you come across this little ice-cream shop that serves you in the the shape of a rose petal. Its so beautiful and the line is huge huge huge. We chose four flavours and gelato was one thing we had almost anywhere and every where in Europe. It made a great indulging snack too. Make sure that you just walk a lot to enjoy the city because there are little things that you will notice and that will keep Budapest in your hearts forever.
Incredible flower icecream

My stay in Budapest was perhaps the best. I enjoyed the bike ride with my husband and since I am not to outdoorsy, it really helped me to connect with him in different levels. So add doing something adventurous with your partner soon!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day spent in a beautiful place.

    1. Yes Rajlakshmi. Its worth visiting every time!

  2. The Széchenyi Bath in Budapest is the largest bath in Europe and is an absolute fun to visit besides the places you mentioned Sonia:)

    1. Thats right Rahul. I forgot the name and you said it! :)

  3. This sounds amazing! Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing, Sonia. And I loved the cute flower ice cream. :)

    1. Thx Purba. Yes, the rose flower ice-cream was just too beautiful to eat though ;)


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