Thursday, September 24, 2015

Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Brands- A Guest Post

Did you know?!

Authentic Birkin Beauty!
Jane Birkin is a gorgeous French actress that was the inspiration for the luxurious and expensive Birkin Line of the Hermes Brand. The story behind the bag is a scenario that could’ve happened to anyone. When Ms. Birkin was on a flight she bumped into the president of Hermes and began complaining about the very poor selection of handbags available on the market. Soon after some discussion, the Birkin collection was launched and a new era of expensive designer handbags had begun! Does this mean we should do a better job at expressing our complaints? Or maybe this is just proving to us how speaking our mind and being ourselves may get us more beneficial outcomes in life.

Minkoff Love’s New York!
Where does your mind go when you hear the phrase, “I Love New York”... Reality show? The big apple? Or maybe it goes to the famous “I love New York” T Shirts that became so popular everyone had to have one! Rebecca Minkoff is the creator of these Famous T Shirts which first appeared on The Tonight Show, in 2001, making them into an immediate overnight sensation. Minkoff’s designs, talent, and hard work has made her an industry leader in casual luxury handbags, accessories, and apparel. Who knows? maybe her designs will be featured in one of her husband's (Gavin Bellour) upcoming movies giving her brand even more visibility.

Brand Defining History!

Felix Rey is another sought after brand that designs bags, accessories, ect., by mixing vintage inspiration with modern sophistication. You can gain a sense that a unique and audacious originality would go into these designs when the name “Felix Rey” comes from the doctor who treated Vincent Van Gogh when he cut his ear off!! The co-founders of the collection, Lily Rafii Band and Sulaika Zarrouk, used themselves as the target audience when creating the luxurious yet accessible brand. You might know Lily as the wife of business consultant, Doug Band, who is a co-creator of the Clinton Global Initiative. Not that the political affiliations made a difference with their brand, but who would’ve thought that Van Gogh cutting off his ear would have?!

The Power of a Name!
Does the name Karl Anderson Jr. ring a bell?? On August 9th, 1959, Karl Anderson Jr. was born in Long Island, New York, to former model Joan Krystosek Kors and Karl Anderson. Karl Anderson Jr. changed his name, after Joan remarried, to Michael David Kors when he was just five years old!! When he was 23, he convinced formidable fashion editor Anna Wintour - then of New York magazine, now the editor of Vogue - to view his namesake collection, which helped boost his profile in the fashion world. Kors went on to become one of the most successful designers in the world. I believe it goes without saying that changing his name at a young age was probably the best decision of his life.

Content By: Adam King
Syracuse University

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