Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sachchi Advice Matters!

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Ajay is 25, young, just got his first pay and now all he wants to do is invest and all he did was invest in a flat. But then he didn't listen to his friends, who kept saying that he needs to wait till he did that. After all investing in a house is a big decision. He would have to wait for years till the builders handed over to him and there will be loan- lots of it! 

In the meanwhile, he got married and was still living in the company's flat, relatively not paying a lot on rent. Life was good and they plan a honeymoon abroad. Only, half of his pay was going for a loan and his wife was unemployed at the moment without any savings. Life comes to a standstill and Ajay is left with no option but take the cheapest tour somewhere in India so that they could save and not splurge on a reckless holiday. His wife, Priya, waited for things to get better. And soon its years passing by and they have their first baby. The hospital, the new nursery set up and the basic baby necessities take up half of Ajay's savings too. 
He is left with a beautiful baby but now they have to stop at one. One more baby meant a disaster financially. Priya understood and repeats the same thing. 

It's not a great life but it's manageable. Yet, the urge to spend lavishly on his family is there and Ajay feels helpless, asking Priya to work as soon as the baby starts school.

Is this how life you imagined would be if you had only researched and looked at your options? So, one has to learn from Ajay's life and decide what is important. Living the life in present or just building castles in the air- for the future that's so far away? 


Ajay has been working for the last two years. He is single and decides to invest his money. He goes to the only person he trusts with great advice and sits down with his father who has retired to a very comfortable life. He asks him to invest in buying a land and as the market rate will increase, the price would rise which would make his investment profitable. 
Ajay marries two years later. Priya and Ajay plan a holiday to Europe. It was their second time now. They have a great time and Priya also bought a pair of expensive bag she always wanted. 
They conceived on the trip and he sends her to the best hospital and they are blessed with a baby boy. He buys mutual policy for his son and already plans to send him abroad for studies when he grows up. This money would just multiply. 
He sells his land now. It's triples. He buys a Ford and invests the rest of the money in buying another land. 

Life is good if you take #Sachchiadvise 

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