Monday, September 21, 2015

Guest Post- 5 Ways To make Your Vacation Dream Come True!

We all earn for that relaxing and rejuvenating vacation after a long hectic year. It's an escape from the otherwise long mundane life and a perfect break from monotony. Who would want to spoil that long awaited break? Planning, organizing, funding and packing for the same can be a royal pain filled hassles. Agreed? But it's time to break those norms as we help you navigate through it all effortlessly. With few simple tricks up your sleeve, vacationing will be all merry, like it's supposed to be.

1. Pack hack

Packing for vacation can be a big time stress generator. The preparation begins much before the D-Day. So many things to carry, you can't fathom what could possibly be left out with the eternal question "What if I do need it?" always circling your head. In the quest to perfect it, you tend to over-pack and seldom decide what to chuck. Prepare a basic packing list of all essentials and try sticking to it.

2. Accommodation blues

Accommodation is a major concern when traveling to a new destination. We all want that up-to-date yet cheap rooms which suit our needs. It's basically a home away from home, which makes it only natural for us to have a few expectations. Several companies such as OYO Rooms have pioneered in this field leaving a trail of satisfied customers. You can definitely give this a try.

3. Over-expectations overload

A vacation is meant to be for relaxation and acts as a stress-buster. While on one hand, planning and having a few expectations beforehand helps, on the other it could lead you to rain on your own parade. New places equals to new experiences. You can't always have control over everything. Sometimes, it's better to let life surprise and you'd be surprised by what's in store for you!

4. Abandon the travel hassles

Chuck the last time travel dilemmas. While planning the whole trip and going overboard might kill half the fun but when it comes to traveling, make sure you've got everything covered and not leave anything for the end moment. You can save money here too by using services such as Redbus coupons amongst others.

5. Fitting and adjusting
When in Rome, act like the Romans do! While you're in a foreign land, a little research beforehand will prove extremely handy. Get to know their basic culture and manners. A few things considered as a greeting in your land might be something offensive there! Even if it's for a few days, a little useful knowledge never hurts. So, go ahead! You probably have some catching up to do.

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