Friday, October 23, 2015

5 Things To Do To Keep Your Baby Happy And Safe

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When I first became a mother, I had loads of pressure from the pregnancy books and the elders, hoping that what ever I do, I do it the right way to keep my baby happy in nappy. Here is a few tips as to how to keep your baby safe and also avoid some serious damage in the near future.

Wash new clothes:
Buying clothes for a baby is fun and I think shopping was the best part of going through a tough pregnancy. And there was a sale going on at Shopper Stop which made me kind of haul the entire section of unisex clothes for my unborn baby. What we forget often that we would open them when the baby comes into this world. Only the skin is so soft and delicate that the new clothes only tend to inflame the skin, making them cry even more. The tradition of handing down clothes from others is slowly dying so the only option we would have is to wash them in good baby laundry liquid and then pack it all till you wait for them to arrive. 

Buy Age appropriate toys:
If you want your child to be left with a few toys while you do your own thing for a few minutes then always leave him with toys that's appropriate to his age. Make sure you see the instructions and not just handed it over to him just because he was throwing a tantrum and you wanted some peace. It will make a lot of difference in being firm with what he can play with and what he cannot. Avoids a lot of trips to the hospital too. 

Keep the floors clean:
India with it's pollution, dust and frequent unwanted guests (rats and cockroaches) are a menace when it comes to raising the little ones. We do not have the luxury of leaving a floor uncleaned even for a day before it starts to show the dirt and the germs that your child can succumb to. So make sure that you follow the basic cleanliness protocol and have a healthy baby at home. 

Constant supervision:
A baby means someone whom you have to watch over 24/7. Or who watches you 24/7. Its an unavoidable situation and you even have to leave the bathroom door ajar to have an apt audience waiting for you to be with them again. So no matter how much you have to see them, do not get irritated with the situation. Most of the times you wouldn't know what mischief they would get into all alone.

Bums are chums:
Buy the best quality diapers for your baby. Now a days you have several options but truly I have tried pampers new born in the beginning and I have faced a diaper rash ever since. Do make sure to change them frequently though and not let it be as we would like it to be. 

These are a few things to follow when you have a baby in the house. And be careful and alert is one part of being a happy parent as well because you tend to avoid accidents and unsavoury trips to the hospital. So create a safe and happy environment at home and have a beautiful life with the little angel.

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