Saturday, October 31, 2015

5 ways to keeping my baby safe

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”
Here are a few more tips to keep your house safe and your baby happy. By following simple steps you can avoid a lot of heart ache later on. 

Certified creams only for babies : No matter what you have to moisturise your baby. Their skin is soft and supple for a reason because they are void of creams that are commercially advertised. Even if you know that your L'oreal cream is okay to use, you should just steer clear of doing so. recommended brands are: Mee Mee, Johnson and Johnson, Himalaya, Aveeno, Palmers. You can find them easily in any store near you.

Organised clutter: Always think about how your change will have to change because you have a little one joining you. No matter how much you love your dressing table and things lying around in a perfect align, those valuable are going to be moved, thrown or even taken for granted. Your only tool to sanity would be to keep everything inside drawers- locked and stocked!

Kitchen Alert: Another thing to think about is the ever raiding of the kitchen that your little one would be so fond of. The dustbin would be his favourite route to familiarising with the things used and unused. You would often find your casseroles , your spoons and plates inside where the little would end up deciding that they are no needed after being used. That mummy always throws things in there and he would do the same.

Daiper woes: If you think your little one is going to indicate you about a dirty diaper then you are just sorely mistaken. Pampers of course gives you enough time to gauge and avoid the frequent use of the bathroom if you are outside. Often you would even find things inside his diaper. Could be your favourite lipstick too if you had thought of using it tonight then buy a new one please. But being a mom you know how we have cleaned it with detol and used it anyway. (Shush, that was a secret!). So keep checking him for any hazardous things inside his diaper.

Dengue Alert: The ongoing reason for dengue and malaria is because we do not protect our child enough. We leave them to play on the ground and also make them sleep in sleeves and half pants, hoping that your liquid mosquito repellent would save him. But that's not so. You need to cover all his body with a body suit or a night suits (they are made for a reason!). Make use of baby friendly bug spray or our good ol' Odomus, apply it evenly all over. Use a mosquito net for children and close the doors and windows at all times, except of course when you want to air your house.

I hope you enjoyed reading my take on how to keep your house baby friendly. Follow them and make your life easy-peasy!


  1. Indeed those are useful tips for parents to keep their babies healthy and smiling.

    1. Thx Kalyan :). SO glad you visited my blog.

  2. the best friend can keep your baby safe, stay at only a place and play happily is a dog ^^! it's the reason why I want to have a dog!!!!

  3. It is our duty to keep our baby safe and healthy; therefore we should take several kinds of preventive and beneficial steps and I hope through which we are able to keep our baby safe and healthy. Most probably new parents are suffering due to lack of proper instructions and from here they are able to get quick tips on baby safety and I am sure that with the help of certified baby products we are able to keep our baby safe and disease free.

  4. These tips very useful for young mothers. Thank you for sharing.

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