Friday, October 30, 2015

Imphal And The Beautiful Manipur

I am somewhere near Imphal but never really got a chance to see the city. So its great when you have guests come over and my in laws coming from Jaipur- a city where you just don't see the lush green mountains like you see in Manipur. And this was great option for a quick get away. And since we had a home here, it adds to the pleasure of having a grandson to play as well. 

We started to explore the beautiful Manipur and though it's not a hot tourist place in India, we did end up having loads of fun. 

Khuga Dam

Started as to provide electricity and water to the villages around, Khuga dam has a beautiful picturesque location with tiny villages occupying the hills around. The locals catch fish here and you can see a solitary gondolas sometimes making tours around the lake. We went for boating here and it was fun to have a little picnic too.
A View from the boat

The Lone Fisherman

Kangla Fort

Kangla fort was earlier the palace of Imphal. There is Imphal river surrounding the palace, beautifying the remains of this fort. As you go inside, the premises spread really wide and you can visit the Govindji temple inside.
Govindji Temple

World War II Cemetery

The moment you enter the cemetery, you are awed by how well-kept the memorial has been maintained and a sense of peace prevails as you go around the grave and read the heartfelt epigrams. And when you notice how young they must have to give up their lives, it's really heartbreaking. Visitors, relatives come all over the world to pay their respects to their ancestors and you get quiet a crowd them they hold a formal ceremony once in a year. 
The cemetery looks calm

Loktak Lake
Floating islands

The lake is the most beautiful sight you would come across and it's known for the floating islands all over it. There is also a tiny house on the floating island that moves with the wind. It has commercial boating facilities where one could go and have a great experience on this lake. If you want to get a bite then "Classic" has come up with a resort and a restaurant on the hill that gives you an amazing view. 
The view of loktak late in the evening


The best part about going to Imphal was getting my shopping done. I had a difficult choice in choosing what I wanted because you see a spread of colors in front of you. The handloom is really popular and there are choices from Manipur silk and cotton sarees, Mekhlas (wrap-arounds), House- gowns, Suit pieces in cotton and silks, Bedsheets, ties. 
The manipuri embriodary that actually costs you an arm and a leg 


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  2. It really looks beautiful!! :)

  3. Wow... have always wanted to visit Mizoram and Manipur... after reading the post, I have a feeling i will plan a trip soon...

    1. yes Mizoram is d fashion should go! You should make a trip..its worth it :)

  4. Such a soulful and fascinating. One can sit here, imagining and weaving stories:)

    1. thx vishal. Yes, its a great place to sit and contemplate :)


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