Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spread Happiness Through McCain- The Secret Recipe

This post has been written for McCain India

When you have a plate of McCain,
You just cannot help but blame,
The yummy snacks make you salivate,
and forget the times you had to wait,
Now mom has a new recipe to make me happy,
When my day had been crapy.
McCain smilies are just not any frozen food
It's food for soul, that gets me into mood. 

McCain with its intention to put smiles on our faces has so far succeeded by giving us umpteen ways of redoing the way its made.

And I like my food filled with veggies even if its just for a snack. Here is how I re-constructed my McCain snacks into an amazing yummy filled meal with my chai with friends.


Mozzarella cheese (Or cottage cheese if you want more healthy)
green chillies


  1. Chop the vegetables into tiny bits and decorate each McCain Aloo Tikki with them. 
  2. Grate the cheese over it
  3. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes before putting the snacks inside
  4. Turn up the heat and let them bake for another 10 minutes 
Now you have yummy potato snacks that give you the aromas of fresh veggies and your favourite cheese. 

And then i called my friends over for a tea party that I had specially organised in the evening, desperately needing some girl time over the weekend. I had to impress the boss's wife as well. That, and get compliments from my friends for my cooking skills. I am not really a great cook but with the help of some McCain, I was able to impress as well bake some more because the plate was wiped off within minutes. Now I always make sure that I keep a packet in my freezer for emergencies guests as well since we are very social and like to meet people. So now I do not have to plan really a ahead and know how to work around McCain snacks and get compliments from all!

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