Monday, October 12, 2015

Mind Games And Depression

This blog has been written to spread awareness about World MenTal Health Day. 

Husband: You are angry with me

Wife: No, I just feel depressed
Husband: Are you unhappy with me? Is that why?
Wife: No, It's not you.
Husband: Then you hate being married to me. 
Wife: It's not about you all the time. Its just about me. And I don't want to talk about it.

And so it starts the series of unsaid words and tangled relationships. And sometimes it's just not anyone but you. But how can anyone make sure that the word's out there and depression is not just an attention gaining scheme of anyone but just something that's messed up the mind and you simply feel worthless and all alone.

It's how all you say starts with a dullness- an ache that you cannot finger point on and then it progresses to being a little more quiet than usual. People who love you, care about you, seem like strangers and you wonder why they are still hanging around and looking at you as if you just are here to spoil everyone's mood.

But Depression is not something that you can help it. Circumstances, failed relationships and sometimes aspirations that have never been met might be the causes of it.

Things to look for if you find your partner/friends/family depressed:

  1. Nil participation in conversations
  2. No reaction for any joke or laughter around
  3. Sluggish moments and disorganisation at home
  4. No interest in sex or family life
  5. Eat in excess or doesn't eat at all
How can you help?
  1. Just let them know you are there for them
  2. Try to distract them by doing some positive activities together- like gymming, walking, going to a fun park
  3. Read about it and have a serious talk.
  4. Let them cry and just hug 
If you have depression:
  1. Involve yourself totally in recreational activities- Like painting, Quilling, reading, even blogging about it.
  2. Have a feelings journal. Vent out and then never read it again.
  3. Talk about how you feel to someone you trust. 
  4. Seek professional help- like Roshini NGO who provide anonymous phone consultation.
  5. Therapies like Reiki, Yoga and high power exercise.  


  1. Relationships are so complex these days and there are so many external factors causing depression. It's a strong and powerful post:)

    1. Thx Vishal. Your comments really make my day!

  2. Very helpful tips. I liked how you introduced the topic.


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