Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rain rain come again...

I feel a strange unstoppable urge to just go out and play in the rains. Yea those were the childhood urges but I just feel so good that I still feel the same. And i get this happy feeling of doing something so fantastic in the world (even though it wont make a difference) but who cares! Its rainy season guys. Time for magic to fill in the gaps.
Isn't it just a combination of Gods - Fog and Rain? That makes a bad day beautiful and a hard week wonderful?

 On our way to the Dam
These pics are taken on my way to Dalhousie. We couldn't really go all the way but touched till Ranjeet Sangar Dam and the view is simply breath-taking. You see the little mountains and it such a treat to just drive through it all. 
Then my marvelous husband brought some tea and pakoras (I forgot about the diet thing) and we had it in the car. I think that was just the most wonderful way to spend Sunday morning.
A view of Ranjeet Sagar Dam from above

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