Saturday, July 23, 2011


Late night and seriously when the by play of words goes on and I stay awake like a little owl that never wants to see the sunshine, I had a dream to just get out of my safe little haven and do things that make sense in this life. Perhaps take a holiday and go to an exotic place that makes me want to come back such good memories that I forget people I never want to think about again. It makes me really mad to think that i co-exist with people who only care about themselves and make others life a living hell. Or perhaps they sit in their comfortable chairs planning, smirking and thinking they are just so smart to do things that could rattle up the peace. Honestly, they are just lying to themselves and making things worse for themselves. Where would all the respect go that they think they deserve?

Days at the end when life will kick them hard on their rightful place I get to think (or maybe smirk) at them. Right now perhaps with all the cursing done from my side (And a lot from others as well) i end my session with crib and live life the way i want to live. Or will it be the other way around where i compromise (as usual) and become someone I am not?