Thursday, July 28, 2011

My experience becoming a Published writer

Looser thoughts: Yes, I had given up already.
There were times when writing I would stop and wonder just "WHY am i writing?"

The introduction: It was the time of my life when I was sipping tea at the Mess and whenever people asked me what I did (for living I mean) I brushed away the question and asked them about themselves (and you know how people love to talk about themselves). My husband said "She's a writer", My dad said, "She's a writer", My sisters, my mom all had the same thing to say. And I wished they would just say nothing. According to me writer was a very renowned status given to someone who is published, known and appreciated/critiqued. 

The intervention: The market was booming with books by Indian writers and I knew I wasn't bad at writing myself. I was reading an article about a writer published at the age of seventeen (i won't be taking names here) and got inspired to do some editing for the time being. I was naive when it came to knowing the publishing industry and except perhaps Penguin and Rupa I knew none. Of course it never came to my mind that there are smaller publishers who are ready to give young writers a chance. I was one of them. I browsed the internet for all the small scale publishing houses and found many. I sent many emails too. Excited about the prospect. Many would hate this process-but I loved it. I knew that there is someone out there who was reading my novel, thinking about it and making a decision. 

The dream coming true: Yes, I was accepted by many publishers (not naming again) but I choose Mahaveer. That was the first email I got and I jumped with joy. Who knew I would see the day when my novel would be in stands?
It did take a lot of time because publishing is no joke. There is editing, final editing, book cover, the acknowledgments, the synopsis all being reconsidered but its all worth the wait. Till then just keep writing another one because it will just drive you crazy to wait.

How LOVE ME IN THE END was born? The six month long wait was over. I had LOVE ME IN THE END in my hands and people talking about it too. Its a great feeling to know that "Yes, you have done it!" 

P.S: If you care for more information about my novel check out any leading websites like- Amazon, snapdeal and so on and so forth.

And by the way you want to know what I do?

I am  writer :)


  1. I know how it feels when people ask "What you do?" :P Even today many people in India don't appreciate authors. Yesterday my mom's uncle came home. Out of excitement, she gave him a printed sheet of my book cover and he just gave a quick look and kept on the table. That's it! No questions if it's just normal...

  2. Oh yea. happened wid me too. When i went to gv a buk of mine to smone they just pretended as if i had just distributed a brochure ;)


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