Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why Writer's Block is a myth?

Writing is easy.

No, I am not saying that usual, soon-to-be-published kind of writing but yes when you are a writer by profession   the only thought comes to your mind is writing another book and somehow get this one to the best selling list. "Perhaps make it better than the one I had written before". A great thought indeed but it puts all the more pressure on your writing skills. Slowly, you make your way into the blank world of blank pages and the more you write then more the papers gets crushed and thrown into the bin (or in my cases all around the floor). The more plots you conceive, the more you hope that 'This is the one' but it doesn't happen overnight or rather it could be that 'Eureka' moment when you actually sit down and type the words out. 

The writer when suffering with the 'blank-page syndrome' should just feel more than you write then. You can only write if you are immensely happy or immensely in pain. And such emotions actually help you in making great dialogues and great scenes as well. So, sit down, think about that moment when someone broke your heart, someone who hated you or vice-versa, someone who made your life miserable, someone who gave your first kiss...

Still the fever on?
I once heard from a wise guy that writing a journal helps. The daily chaos in one's life always makes you want to vent out and could be onto something. Pen is a powerful tool and forever your friend. It doesn't give opinion but just writes the way you want it to. So, make an attempt to write at least thrice a week about your day and how you felt. You never know you can come up with a great plot by just referring to it. 

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  1. that's a good suggestion Sonia..would try to implement it..I would think abt moments when I was hurt and probably would write some heavy dialogues..

    wonderful post :)


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