Friday, July 29, 2011

Samode Haveli - The Era forgotten

Not many living in the heart of Jaipur must have heard of Samode Haveli that is situated only 45 kilometers from the north of the city. 'Haveli' is an understatement because as the history goes this belonged to the zamindars of the state of Amber. 

As a visitor I got the privilege to see the inside of this marvelous structure. To be acknowledged do make a pre-booking to get a reservation. The haveli's royal pandit was our guide and he showed us the glasses room and the Durbar. The pieces of furniture so unique and the concept so well thought. 

There are the intricately handpainted pictures of Hindu Gods, some picturizing the mythology of when Lanka was made of pure gold.

  The darbar inside and all is hand painted
 The Puppet show organized for the visitors
  Inside of Samode

 Our dinner arrangements
the birthday girls

the view from outside

What you would love about this place its just beauty everywhere and serenity because very few people come here. If you are an history buff and love taking pictures then this is the place for you. I feel transported to this place as soon as I think about it and so lucky are those who lived here.

However since Feb 2011 there is entry fee both for the Samode Haveli and Bhag. But I did go in April for my birthday and except for the dinner and the complimentary cake we really didn't get to pay anything more. The dinner is not cheap either so either be loaded or carry your credit card. Somehow you wouldn't regret a penny!

 And it felt wonderful celebrating something here because the ambiance will get to you. Since me and my sis in law share a birth in the same month we had a double celebration. Well, the food is what you make of it. Its expensive and the portions are small. so don't go with the intention of eating full. You sure can take your special one here for a great evening date (because the lights are just simply amazing) or your family for a get together. It feels nice and cozy and a good time to share some history of your own. 


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