Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lately I have been into reading all those blogs that have hooked me for hours. I cant sleep, eat or do anything without wanting to just soak it all up. My husband peeps into my laptop late at night, shakes his head bemusedly and then goes back to his sweet dreams. The only time I am actually aware of my life is when I realize I have another human being living in the house and I gotta cook.

What intrigues me about the blogs is their versatility to make their daily lives into such wonderful account of adventure. Living in a small town one begins to wonder if this is what makes up for the lack of excitement in their lives. Or perhaps the unexciting prospects of mine. It makes up for all the times I would like to go window shopping in a mall, have expensive coffee at Barista and perhaps catch a movie at a multiplex (where the AC's working). In desperation I Google :Things to do in a small town (Yes, I am a die hard fan of Google and believe in its magic powers). And find somehow inane things that I really am too lazy to do. If its getting together then its just because people come home for free food and entertainment (Are they as bored as I am?) But then Army is a funny organization. It toughens you up, makes you immune to things like this one, places like this one and people like this one.

Now where is that blog I was reading...?

Blogs I am reading:

I think all (and i mean ALL) are good. Its is something a writer wants to share and make the other realize how important it for life to exist.

Do send me a link if you have a blog and if not why not start one?


  1. once I was motivated to write many blogs. these became popular too.i seem to have lost the magic some how.. please go through this blog and give your comments..
    I like your penchant for reading blogs..yes all blogs are good.the person who writes them do so for relating to others..
    the link is

  2. Hey Sampath...really loved your story on how Beena went on weight reduction. And so true to reality! lol...i had my share of giggles.
    Hope to see some more of such stories from you.


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