Thursday, July 28, 2011

11 things to know if you are an Army Wife

  1. Get a new wardrobe
  2. The wardrobe should have more sarees and that means all kinds of sarees (from North to south, east to west)
  3. Have an attitude makeover (This won't be like your college campus where you can have your say)
  4. Repeat with me "Yes Mrs....", "Yes Mrs..."
  5. You no longer have a first name (Thats only for your husband to call)
  6. If you are the junior most wife then make sure you learn all the surnames by heart and forget yours for a while
  7. Yes, you are participating in everything
  8. The dal chawal routine won't do. Apart from that you got to know how to make Chinese, Continental and authentic foods from the place you come from.
  9. Dessert is not just icecream. Tipsy pudding is the thing. And yes, baking is important.
  10. Everyone has a qualification, yours is just being an Officer's wife.
  11. Forget about parties that you have seen in your bachelorette days. Here you just sit in your finest of sarees and drink Fresh lime.


  1. hahaha that party thing is hilarious :P

  2. Hmm....interesting... why not try to write a book on will make such a fun read!


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