Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Have you ever struck a #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal

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I was soon going to be an aunt- a masi! And after having a kid, you know that children are the greatest gift to a woman. Her womb becomes a shelter to a little one who is growing nurturing from your inside of you. And I always think that you love your sibling’s kids more than yours because you get to spoil them and love them without the hassle of being the bad one. That’s left to their mom. And I keep them all happy with getting great deals from snapdeal. 

And as you grow to love this little wonder, you want them to give the best things you can.  And since me and my sister both belong to the fauji background, we often have to live alone where going out with kids is really tricky. Also we live apart, posted in various places now so gifting her for the newly born was so easy. And being the shopper I am, I bought a beautiful Fisherprice rocker/ bouncer from snapdeal. The price was way less than what I found in the market and I purchased it as soon I found the thing I liked. The moment it reached, I got many pictures from her on my watsapp, her excitement was my thank you. Watching the little one in the bouncer was such a bonus. His giggles and his response at the bouncer made my day. I realized that you do not have to give someone expensive gifts to make them feel special. The thought behind it just makes all the difference.

My other nephew is now 9 years old and he loves celebrating his birthday. After going through several websites, I again went with my gut and ordered his favourite Transformer from the website. And making a boy’s day on his birthday is something that’s priceless.  I am currently the most-loved masi in the family and it makes me feel happy to make the kids in my family happy.

Even my son, he needs to be kept entertained with various types of toys and I have always relied on snapdeal for the best deals. I really do not wait for any occasion to buy him presents. Their website often gives discounts to regular members.   Mostly it was toys from skilloffun that are really good at educational toys and some cars for him. Snapdeal seems to have good products always in stock. And their app is always at hand when I need to shop anywhere!

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