Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Bucket Of Happiness

1.     Travel the world

          I always wanted to see the world and explore the little nooks and corners where I would find an ideal coffee shop or a Tapas bar. That art gallery of an unknown artist who would be famous twenty years from now. I would love to try the local cuisines too. What a wonderful way to live!

2.     Open a book store/Library

This might be for my later years but I always want t be surrounded with books. I have huge library of 
books already but no place to keep my ever growing collection. But one day I would like to give platform to the writers all over India to display their books in my book shop. I am greatly influenced by the movie SHOP AROUND THE CORNER. Yes, that woman would be in the near future.

3.     Trekking in the forests

I am not one for big exercise regime but a quiet hilly walk or a dense forest leading towards a waterfall would be just great. I did go for an Aruku Valley falls and the walk towards it was tiring. Currently working towards being a little more resilient. 

4.     Attend a sunburn festival Goa

I love to party even if i love my books. And for a few days I would love to forget myself and be this diva with music lovers all around me. Dance like crazy within the wee hours of the morning. Yes, drink myself to stupor too. Basically have a good time with myself :)

5. Go on an all women trip somewhere

As much as i love my family, I would like to take a trip all by myself and since i would feel more comfortable with a group. And what better group than friends? And seriously, no men allowed at all!

6.     Write a best-selling novel

I already write novels and have three in my pocket too but what it would be to have my book get an award? Still working on this and I really dream big when it comes to writing.

7.     Visit the literary sites in the world

Where did Jane Austen write? What would be her desk like? I always wondered. And did Shakespeare enacted his plays here? These would be questions on my mind when I would visit UK. Although I would like to explore more on the topic, this would just be the greatest inspiration for me. Ann Frank House is my present list.

8.     Go on the sets of Comedy Nights with Kapil

I have this wish to sit as his audience and hug this guy for opening a show like this one and making us laugh again. Not only him but his team is doing a great job as well. I really want to go on his sets!

9.     Have a book club

This one would only be possible if i am in one place but as soon as I settle down in one place I am going to open a book club, invite everyone for tea and sandwiches while we discuss the controversial dialogues of novels. And it will be free of cost. Only Book lovers allowed!

10.   Spread awareness towards Autism  

THIS  Residential School called Autism Ashram in Hyderabad has provided a place for the kids with special needs a haven. Its a beautiful 10 acre land of joy. And I find more who really do not know what AUTISM means. Its a sad world out there. And I am planning to give my time towards this cause more and more. To donate you can just click on the link Your contribution will mean a lot. 


  1. Super list, a few closely similar to mine :)

    A true Secunderabadi at heart here :D

  2. Like your list..matches with me as well... :-)

  3. Awesome list. Hope you achieve all of it. All the best

    1. Thx Shivangi. Hope everything's going great for you too :)

  4. Some list are same as mine :)

    Last one is the best :) All the best :)

  5. Some list are same as mine :)

    Last one is the best :) All the best :)

    1. Thanks you Rekha. Hope you checked out the website :)

  6. Wishes and great Strength to tick those off your bucketlist. :)

    1. thx seriously working towards it :)


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