Sunday, March 22, 2015

Digital India- Karega India to Badega India


E Governance is today’s most amazing scheme that our government in India has started  since the boom of internet and every household seem to find it convenient to sit back and use the websites at their own free time. When we think about booking railway tickets, submitting a form for a passport, getting your birth/ death certificate done, paying your household bills- the mind is quiet bogged down with the pressure of actually having to go out and enquire about it all. And with their websites giving us access to information about the procedure and how easily someone could just  do the payments online, its certainly is a boon to live in this century.
No long do the citizens have to stand in line and wait for their turn. It all happens with a click of the mouse.

The aim of E governance is simple. They want its consumer citizens to have greater access to them and connect more via these online agencies.

Its important to have it in today’s world because of various reasons. The government can keep a close eye on its accounts and have income come on a steady basis. It makes them a reliable government because it’s a flawless and mostly saves a lot of costs which can be used for other social purposes. I see students wanting to apply for VISA and Passports all the times and they get their work done all through online portals. The elderly who now find it difficult to come out of their homes but can use their computer with ease now just bless the system.

Living in a state of Manipur, I have realized the importance of having E Governance. People living in the hills cannot go by themselves and get the important things done in person. By opening up various offices for the localities, the government have given them an opportunity to come forward and be the part of the growing India. They do not have to live obscurity anymore.  

They could work a little more on their websites though and make it more user friendly. The railways websites is forever delayed in getting their pages uploaded which is quiet frustrating. Also the booking can only be done before eleven in the night. Sometimes coming from office the midnight is convenient to do all the payments. With user IDs and password, a citizen can now protect its accounts and feel free to use it when the need arises.  The Anna Hazare movement where each and every person was signing petitions for ‘I bribed’ stories, the online forums really helped the government to connect with the woes of the citizens. The online petitions are now becoming a fast growing trend in India and popular with the youth. 

With E Governance becoming so aware of its citizen growing demands, its making its business to grow with the technology and making each citizen more informed about it. The recent survey on Telengana where each house was scanned to distinguish between higher income and lower income families, it did take a great step towards making more improvement in abstaining the taxes for those who couldn’t pay.

Its certainly not going to stop now and with a promise of more to come, E Governance will make sure that the rural areas where one cannot go to the cities and do the needful, can just use an internet café or use the offices they have opened there. India has so much to give and the government is following the lead. 


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