Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for Acceptance in a Relationship

So today its April 1st and we often have a fun way with wanting to trick each other in believing each other- no matter how nonsensical it could be. But then practical things are never fun. Like Love. Can it be fun? If you want it to be.

I want to tell you how important it is to accept people the way they are. Big, fat, small, thin, ugly, beautiful- these are just words that's meaningless. They don't personify the person you are from inside. You do not have to define your limits according to what the societal norms. Self confidence. self esteem, self love- yes, these are the things that matter in the end. And if you want your partner to feel accepted then show that you care, show that your actions mean more than words, more than the frail I LOVE YOU's and the peck you give by the end of the day. Stop staring at then with blank eyes, hoping to see someone else in place of them. Don't define your relationship with what's expected because to achieve greatness you have to do the unaccepted. You have to be the change to see the change in your partner.

Acceptance is making that little things matter. When you wake up in the morning and see your partner, have the courage and attitude to kiss her, to make her feel special. And same goes for the women too. Accept that time with change him. You will have see the years go by and cannot expect to see the same man in front of you. You will have a man who has many things on his mind and it's not going to be you all the time. So step up and talk about it. Show the love that you want and in return have a happy give and take life. There is no double standards in love. One cannot be passive and just recieve. Be a giver.


  1. Acceptance is a sign of wisdom, I believe. But sometimes, we find someone as young so accepting and kind.
    Isn't it wonderful, like you mentioned 'a giver' :)
    A is for Arcadian smile ~ A Poesy Discourse

    1. Prunzaye, you are right. But it's not always what happens. However one can always wish :)


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