Sunday, March 22, 2015

Things that makes me happy
I always thought happiness was complicated. To achieve it one has to have a lot of money and splurge one whatever they want. But as things got into perspective I realized that to be happy one does need money but not a lot of it, enough to spend it when the need arose, also it’s less complicated than I gave it credit for.

Interacting with the locals
Personal happiness ma lot to me. I believe that if I am happy then I could really put my 100 per cent in whatever issues I have to deal with every day. And every day is not the same for me. Since I have a toddler running around, I have to make sure that this little man is happy and entertained all day long. It does take a toll on my patience at times but watching his little face giggling, just makes it all worth. Making my family happy makes me happy.

The local dress of Manipur
Apart from this I love travelling. It makes me happy and believe in goodness of strangers. I always was told that you need to keep distance from them. But when you are thirty, you really do not care about opinions any more. I already have mine and it perfectly made sense even if it wasn’t the ideal thing to do. Even if I am staying in a place like Manipur where there is short of resources, I realized there isn’t much to make you feel alive. I see it here in the faces of every one here. Because life is hard here. Men are lazy, drawn to alcohol and drugs while women sit out chewing on tobacco and crouching down, waiting for the evenings to be over. But the younger lot see more than just that. They want to do something in their lives, get a job and live a good lifestyle but then that means they have to leave Manipur and settle down in places like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Life is difficult here and I see people surviving the harsh winters and battling with the problem of water for daily use.  Then people converting to another religion because they get personal benefits. Sometimes you cannot help the unhappiness around you. The pieces have to be picked up and you have to take advantage of every situation.  I plan to travel a lot more and stay in places where its not about luxury all the time.  The real sense of the place just fills your heart with hope and contentment. Happiness definitely doesn’t have to be perfect.

So now I take joy in waking up in the morning, having my family love me for who I am, a hot cuppa tea when I need a little boosting and I am are pretty much set in the happiness department.

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