Saturday, March 21, 2015

My First smartphone Outsmarted me

#ChooseToStart with the new moto E

I remember a time when phones wasn't a necessity in life. The landline was the only way to communicate and that was rather used in emergencies. I went through my college life without having to constantly worry about checking my facebook page or even worry about the number of selfies I took today. Time with friends had been precious then. We had worries of our own and things to do that required attention (Or so we felt in those days). A lot of books to read and some second hand book stalls to explore too. The after hours in college were spent having chat at the famous Gokul Chat in Koti, Hyderabad and that’s it, life was so simple. But slowly the need to be in touch started and by the end of my Master in Literature I had a simple working phone where I could take pictures and call up my boyfriend whenever the need raised. Internet wasn't a possibility then with the high data rates going on when I was still dependent on my parents for money. I even remember being bored when I had nothing to do. Now I don't remember when I was actually free.

My life changed since I got my first fully working with internet smartphone. My dad got generous and I splurged on my first express touch phone that I bought in Manchester, UK. India still didn’t have the model. I was explained in detail about the stick that came with it and how to use it. I could even write in my own handwriting and this little wonder would convert it to send texts across. My world changed then. It also changed the way I looked at things now. And with the amazing pixels in my phone camera, I took an entire vacation relying on its excellent picture quality. The result- I could tuk away the little thing in my purse and not feel the burden of the heavy SLR camera I left at home.

I was twenty two then and life had so much to offer. Perhaps I started my journey late because today I see teenagers busy with their smartphones. I even consult a few if I have a question. And they have all the answers in hand. I could use a phone for various purpose now. It became my MP3 player, my radio on the go, my digital photo album, my chat friends on the go and even an e-reader where I could conveniently wait for hours while reading my book in a 5. 5 inch phone. Obviously my phone changed since then. I guess I am not a loyal customer and like to experiment with features now. Starting from Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung and Micromax, I have enjoyed all these versions of a smartphone, giving me freedom of moving out of phone and carrying my world along with it. Since my son was born, I constantly take pictures from this device now. I have apps downloaded that makes my life so much simpler. I am no longer in a hurry to open my laptop to google for questions I have in my mind. I just do it with voice recognition feature on my phone or just type away to glory. I am much more informed and enjoy being this techno savvy woman who knows her gadgets.  

Basically life's good and my smartphone has become my friend and adviser on the go. 

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