Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Look Up- The Moment stood still

With his pet Woody

Family Vacation to Taj Mahal
I seemed to have come a long way. When I see my life going the way it should have and see my friends exploring their singlehood, I wonder if I missed out a lot in my life. I even dream of living single somewhere and no having to go through the nuances of everyday routine. Every time I think about it- I remember my life began with my son who was born three years ago. The moment they took me into the delivery room, my life had found a new beginning. I was a mother who had so much love to give that all my silly thoughts just flew away. I would sing lullabies, read silly stories again and again, make him touch flowers and ice cubes, enjoy the look on his face when he first tasted chocolate and the time when he just lay down on the carpet waiting for our pet Woody to lick him and jump on him. The laughter always remains. That funny giggles that starts at nothing or even with a simple peck on his neck- it just makes my boring day, a joyful one. The softness of his cheeks when he needs that reassurance that I am no longer angry with him, touches my heart. So much so that I cry secretly at the joy of being responsible for this boy wonder. I love that he relies on me when he wants to play outside and is not scared of the dark because I am around. The madness of the day might get to me but my boy remains happy and full of life.
I had to go out for a day to arrange an event and had to leave him behind with his dad. Although I enjoyed the day without his constant demands, my son was always at the back of my mind. Like every mother- I kept thinking if he was eating Maggie or having more chocolates than he should. The time I finally reached home, I saw this boy jumping on the bed saying ‘mamma ghar aa gayi’ and I sighed in relief. Everyone was still alive and everything seemed normal again. And he didn’t look like he missed me much because his dad made him do all the fun things when I try mostly to feed him. I promised myself to be a little more ‘fun’ the next time we spend time together.

I do not know how I because this soft mushy mother when I have so many things on my mind but all I know that this little man had changed my life forever. Love is such a small word to describe how I feel about him because now my hearts aches only to hear one word-‘mamma’.

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