Monday, March 30, 2015

Salman Khan's never ending tales

The background story as everyone know: The hit and run case where Salman was pretty drunk and without a license, drove over some people eventually killing them. And  while the industry refuses to comment on it because making him an enemy just meant saying goodbye to their careers, the media still intends to hound this Bollywood icon.
source: The Hindu

I personally like the guy. He seems to be doing well in his career and has made some serious enemies with the media. But the nonsense starting from the year 2002 has to have a full stop somewhere. I really want to believe that the actor isn't the culprit but the truth is out and is hiding behind his personal driver. It's just like a bollywood movie all over again but with Salman Khan as the villian. The typical father must have bribed the driver by confessing that he was the one to hit and run and promised to take care of his family while he rotted in jail. The Amar Akbar Anthony story seems close to this one. I do not know how much more melodrama is left to play. The film writer Salim seem to be getting creative with his son's case now.

But seems like the Khan's family really want to get this over with. No matter who gets hurt. It gets juicier because now they claim that the police were not ready to hear the driver's statement. Why? Because they want to get their hands on the famous actor? Who knows. Anyway hoping that justice prevails no matter what. 

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