Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why I would love Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji Ki Family Breakfast Invite!

After going through the recipes of Kellogg’s on the Facebook page, I am very impressed with Guptaji’s family who make sure that their breakfast table always attracts their children to have healthy food the way they want to. Not only their children but the neighbours seem mighty impressed
too. Starting from the usual milk, fruits and Kellogg’s, which has always been my breakfast staple, now I can really do a lot more than these beauties.

I always used to skip breakfast because of the hectic routines in the mornings and it was doing things to my system. Kellogg’s has made it so much easy to have something at hand to eat even if I am at the go.
Its motivated me to loose some weight too by avoiding some heavy duty oily breakfast options. And while it feels great to indulge once in a while, I still prefer my daily intake of kellogg’s. Being an army wife, we get our quota of ration where we get two or more boxes of these and I would love to whip up the Chapati Chivida cornflakes or the Sitaphal Cornflakes. And we do keep throwing cocktail parties which requires snacks and continuous flow of yummy food. Cornflakes always come to my rescue then and I whip with a chapata treat for my guests. The usual recipe is onions, cilantro, lemon over the crunchy treat. I do find it rather appealing to utilize the potential of a simple box of cereal. A great snack for my little one because I fry them when he needs something more than baked cornflakes. With a little salt and peanuts, it comes to your rescue with an
active toddler around.

 And a good heavy breakfast has always been important in our family. The usual aloo paranthas and
puris have been taking a toll on our waists which has got to stop. And definitely making tiffins for both my son and husband while thinking of delicacies that would keep their interest going is a lot of work. My mind just stops working once in a while then. Now with Guptaji’s recipies I am all set to
make their mornings a happy Kellogg’s day.

My son usually gives me a hard time at meal times. And he has got a sweet tooth and the he would love to have the walnut cornflakes corn balls without a fuss. And since I am more of a ‘chatpati’ kinds, I usually make myself a bhelpuri treat using cornflakes without the puffed rice. Its healthier
and fills up my tummy rather well. We all do have our own choices and Guptaji’s family has certainly given a lot more to think about with the simple cornflakes. 

And making breakfast is hardwork and needs a whole lot of planning. I must have several cookbooks just on breakfasts. And its been a while since anyone invited me for breakfast so it would be great to visit Guptaji’s house for ‘nastha’ because I would learn a great deal more about their breakfast ideals. 

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