Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Start A New Life- Moving out and other things
Marrying young has its down downfalls and comes with a lot of responsibility. Moving out from my cozy room where I stored thousands of books and so much space to even have a over flowing wardrobe, I just had to marry an army officer. The house was a two bed house with a small kitchen and I had my reservations on how my stuff will adjust anywhere at all. But I warmed a bit and pulled my sleeves up, determined to make my bare house, a home. It started all with a lot of gusto, getting the curtains up, the sofas set and the new LED television in our bedroom. The kitchen where only I wipped out my Hyderabadi recipies, I realized that moving out of my parents home was the best thing that had happened to me. Not that I didn’t miss them, but because I had so much to learn here. My friends in Hyderabad had already moved away and my only friend was my husband now. Talking over the phone for hours was not my thing anyway.

The time came when we bought brand new gadgets and life was getting comfortable with just the two of us. But a tragedy stroked and while we were on a vacation, our house got burgled. It wasn’t horrible to see your things splattered all over the place and the things we bought just taken away from us. The culprits were no where to be found. I felt naked, as if my life was out in the open now, seen my some petty strangers. My tears were soon wiped and my husband took me for a quick shopping outside. We couldn’t afford to buy new stuff anymore but thanks to EMI, we did get by. I remember how strong I had to be for both of us and because I had to forgive those people and move on with my life.

We still had so many places to see though. And after two years in Jalandhar, we moved to Madhopur, setting up our house again. Starting over and cheering to new beginnings. We had our first baby here and the house became special to me as I lovingly decorated the little teddies around the house in blue.  My writing career was taking off too and I was a freelancer for a children’s magazine. It filled me with happiness and anticipation when we moved again to Orissa for my husband’s study course. The beach and the fresh air did us good and as a couple we just got stronger and setting up a house now became a very easy process, knowing where everything had to go. With a baby on tow, I carried him around and made sure that no matter where we lived, our lived will always be happening and new.   

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