Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Writer Or A Mother? So Many roles to play

With my second novel A SOLDIER'S LOVE STORY
A woman’s life no longer labelled as just a ‘wife’ or a ‘mother’. She is certainly more than that. I say that because I live among women around me, in my family who are not only conquering their field as a professional but also doing their bit as a mother and a wife or a daughter. My mother who married into a Punjabi family being a Bengali have certainly not been a smooth journey. Along with that she had three daughters who needed to do well in studies and behave like a ‘sanskari’ woman when they would get married in other families. While taking care of us she pursued her interest in Education and did her Masters and Mfil. My dad was always encouraging her and also opened a school so that they realize their dream as entrepreneurs. They struggled all their lives to give us a good life and I do learn a lot from the because my parents never taught me to be spoil brat. Every thing in life is achieved only through hard
On one of our trips to Aruku Valley. We are ardent travelers!
work.  Maybe that why I am one of those women who want it all- A loving family, children, a career and an active social life. And although the pressure was high where all my friends were pursuing professional courses, I just wanted to be a writer. And although people who do think that writing would mean just sitting with an expensive laptop and typing abc’s, it does take a lot more than that.
My family

Weaving stories, making a good readership and a family that lets you be by giving you space and time is what doesn’t happen all at the same time. The hectic social obligations of an army wife often gets in the way too. There are always social gatherings, some NGO work with the families and events that needs a woman’s hand. And with a toddler in tow, sometimes you have to make tough choices and leave him to fend for himself. However you cannot excuse yourself at times which is what makes your life tougher. As a woman I cannot help but feel guilty at times because I always feel I am not doing justice in my relationships. Being a writer pulls me away from the reality and I often isolate myself from them. Its freeing because I write better then. And today with three of my books published and a good number of people reading them, I know that I have done something for myself- created a niche that one needs in life to wake up in the morning and look forward to the day.

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