Saturday, March 21, 2015

#1000 speak When my teachers bullied me

 My childhood as I remember was a good one. Sometimes too sheltered and even today I could feel that protectiveness of my parents when I used to live with them and study in a school owned by them. There were times though I didn’t have things held on a platter at times. I was the only north Indian girl in my class who didn’t speak Telugu and I always felt conscious around my classmates who chatted away in the local language. The teachers who were not always kind because they didn’t really care I was the principal’s daughter gave me a hard time. I could never forget the art teacher who wanted to fail me and except two boys in the class, she failed everyone for drawing in exams. I was livid, scared and teary eyed. My parents were aghast and the entire school spoke about the principal’s daughter who failed. Being more on the creative side I always felt the need to rely on it for a career than mathematics and science. I really felt hopeless and cried for days. Fortunately the teacher was found to be a little on the insane side and was fired for failing students for a subject that was meant just for recreation.

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I was hoping that I wouldn't have to face frustrated teachers anymore. But then the world wasn’t so rosy and my computer teacher who had a weird English accent started to point out silly mistakes I did. And his biting remarks began to worry me. I even hid the bathroom during his class hours so that I didn’t have to face him. I almost became cold at the thought of him coming to school. Other girls weren’t the target and it made me feel like a caged bird in my own school. The last straw was when he slapped me and I had to stop myself from being bullied anymore. I didn’t care if I sounded like the spoilt little princess but I had to get that man leave. It was making my life hell. I was thirteen then and spoke face to face with my parents. I know how much it took for me to complain about that man but I did. And it did make a difference. So speak up when you have the time and do not wait years later to regret that you had done nothing about it because the worst thing you could do to yourself is to submit to it. 

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