Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life in Manipur

Manipur has a certain glory in it that cannot be compared to any other state. Yes, the road needs repairing and the standard of living still has a lot of dents in it but then you will see people living their lives some in rebel and some still searching a meaning to their lives. Men are lazy, drawn to alcohol and drugs while women sit out chewing on tobacco and crouching down, waiting for the evenings to be over. But the younger lot see more than just that. They want to do something in their lives, get a job and live a good lifestyle but then that means they have to leave Manipur and settle down in places like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Life is difficult here and I see people surviving the harsh winters and batteling with the problem of water for daily use.  Then people converting to another religion because they get personal benefits and free education for their children which is so sad. Why can’t the government do more for them? People living a nomadic lives on the hilly areas because they feel safe and away from the spending of living in a city.
Waiting for their turn to perform

The local gold jewelry of Manipur. ''Fish, Potli earrings' are a hit with the army circle 

An event where we organized the local dances of North East

The Local 'Methei' dress of Manipur with silk stole and manipuri handwork

Despite everything, I hear carols every Sunday. The followers attending church with all the dedication, in hope of meeting people, exchanging a few words and forming a strong community. The women are the strongest here. They run the house, take care of the children and also sit at their place of business. And they are entrepreneurs in all sense because you cannot win a bargain with them. And end up paying a lot more than the stuff is worth. The lack of resources has made the people harsh and demanding.

The local festivals goes on for days here and they have a pretty good time dressing up too. You will not find one badly dressed woman or man here. They all follow trends like their life depends on it. They watch Korean drama and movies for entertainment and want to belong to a place like that someday.      

And the people here love music. Love is rather a small word because I have dozens of videos where they sing so well that you will not miss watching the MTV. The songs so melodious that it will take your breath away. In fact Iam trying to learn one which has become my favourite and is the top song sung at every party called ‘Zoutuai Lianu’. I attended the world wide music competition called ZOMI IDOL where contestants get to go abroad and win exciting prizes. And everywhere people have been so warm and kind, eager to befriend. It reminds me of my stay in Bhutan where although language is a barrier, people still understand respect and kindness. 

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