Sunday, April 5, 2015

Let’s talk about celebrity condoms ads

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Condoms ads are condoned while celebs become the face of play safe
Its safe and durable and it comes with instructions then why India as a country does not allow the Ranveer Singh ad to be featured on prime time television? The first time that I saw was when I was watching MTV. Clearly it was meant for the 20’s and the cosmopolitan young ones. But what about the areas where you cannot find such ad featured?  Does it become porn just because Sunny Leone is sending the message across that chocolate flavored condoms are the next best thing to going ungloved? I can imagine how many had stood in line for the brand Manforce, choosing Sunny Leone over other quality products.
But then who am I to judge them. I am not here to make you squirm or wonder about condoms when you might be using the ipill for the rescue now and then.  I still feel that Ranveer Singh might be promoting sex before marriage. After all why shy about facts? Lets put it out there for people to see that you can be sensational, change various partners and the condoms will do their job by avoiding all the STD’s out there. Perhaps is that why the censor boards hid this very truthful ad about today’s youth? Who are we kidding anyway, we do condone condom ads out in open. You can even find the billboards with condom ads with overgrown bushes and trees. Somehow with a country where we cut trees frequently, this tree will never be touched.

Yes we are okay with item songs and Sharukh Khan becoming the poster boy of Frootie where ‘Suck it-a, Lick it-a’ is completely fine to go with. I don’t know if I am fine with an old man becoming an eye candy to the kids out there with words like that. And damn, its so easy to recall the ad. Yes, it’s going in my head right now. Poor Milind Soman, the hot model of the 90’s had to go through a lot while doing Kamasutra (condoms) ad. If only he had waited a few more years to see this so-called progressive society of ours. So why can’t a condom ad be fun and educative too? A society that could even make a simple juice ad as a source of temptation, they do not really have any say now. All they can do is just censor it. So just thank God for Youtube, you can still see the ads if you know they exist and avoid all the hush hush secrets you think your parents do not know you know. 


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