Thursday, April 2, 2015

B is for Bread for fussy toddlers

Now that my toddler who is just short of a month in turning 3 has started going to school. It gives me great pleasure getting up early and getting him ready. I am not a morning person but when you know that you have a kid that's going to be taken care of for a few hours with the rest of the day for yourself, you automatically get wings.
Churachanpur is a happening little town in Manipur and its schooling is surprisingly good. Children excel in arts, music and science and the teachers are kind and sweet. I found one for my kid. Vivaan is going to kindergarten now but what to pack for his snacks is a big question mark for me. So I started with bread. The most easiest form of snack that could be ready in two minutes. 


Bread (Preferably milk bread)


Cut the brown sides of the bread and apply mayo in good quantity. Then make four pieces with the bread cutter. Be sure to make it kid friendly size because they usually gobble down their food. 

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