Friday, April 17, 2015

5 reasons to use The ASUS Zenfone 2

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A smartphone is so much more than just a device. It gives definition to you as an individual and you have the amazing technology at your fingertips. With other brands dominating the market, ASUS is making quite an impression with the youth.  Rather than looking for other devices for help, ASUS Zenfone 2 is giving you an all in one featured phone that has features that easily bring bigger brands to its knees.

Travel handsfree:
I remember how much I missed having a good camera phone for spur of the moment pictures. And sometimes you just need selfies on your way. If you want to use the pixel master in this phone then you really wouldn’t need to lug a heavy SLR camera. The amazing picture quality will amaze you and also no irritating shutter lags. Those vacation pictures are just a click away now. After all 13 mega pixel is not a joke!

Be it pictures, videos or your music (which I am sure is more than just 1 GB). ASUS ZenFone with expandable 64 GB micro SD card slot available, it will make you stick to just once device rather than looking to go to your hard disk again and again for data. So just put your hard disk, ipods and other storing devices on hold.

With Samsung and Apple phones ranging from 30 thousand to 60 thousand (and more), you will be wow-ed by the mere 20,000 you will pay to get this gem of a phone. And it’s a great budget for a phone like this one.

One of the biggest mistake we do in buying a phone is not looking at its RAM. Some don’t even consider it a feature. But the need for speed is such an essential feature on a phone. Why just look for it on your laptop? Just look at the package of 4 GB RAM that ASUS Zenfone 2 is willing to offer. It’s not only makes using the phone fun but also a unique experience. Just swipe away in miniscule seconds now.

Screen space:
If you like a little space on your screen then the 5.5 inch is just the thing for you. Your fingers won’t feel crammed and you could just type away in happiness. Watching a movie would be such a great experience because of the good HD quality and the bold colours that will make your free time pleasurable.

The beautiful metal finish is something to flaunt too. You wouldn’t want a phone costing you this much looking shabby now, do you? And enough of hiding that old phone with ripped off corners. Its time to change for a better experience.

So look no further and wait for April 23 2015 for it to come to the market and book your ASUS Zenfone today! 

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