Friday, April 3, 2015

C for Characters in the novel

As a writer I always had this insane obsession with my characters. I get attached to my heroines and often dislike the hero till i find something worthy about him. But its very important to have feelings for them. Hate and Love is all good and also compassion if you can. Because you are writing about them, through them, so you got to have a mind without any prejudices.

Always make a brief sheet about their physical characteristics









This will help you build a strong plot and you will always have in handy a sheet for reference in case you decide to shelf the project and start after a few months later. Always a great way to re-do your novel too.

My laptop and my note book always go hand in hand

Characteristics of characters:

A character needs to have certain traits that will make him loveble or distrustful or hateful. All these three emotions are great to start with. The heroine will have something solid to base her dislike for the hero. The same can go with the heroine's characteristics. The hero can choose can emotion. Except of course they are strongly attracted to each other.

The secondary characters play a major role and you can give them one characteristic that would make them responsible for the conflict in the novel.
For example: In my second novel A SOLDIER'S LOVE STORY, I have the best friend as the secret jealous friend who cannot see the heroine happy. She ends up being the case of her best friend's rape. And thus starts the conflict where the heroine decides to end her marriage celebrations.


Any conflict would do. In fact you can make a simple conflict as 'College breakups', 'Alleged cheating', 'an impossible mother in law', 'An abusive husband', 'An arranged match' and so on. In fact I think writing these down will help you a long way. You can make a simple profession as your base for a conflict too.
For example: In my first novel LOVE ME IN THE END, I have based arranged match as their conflict. The hero and the heroine hated each other because they ended up together because of a forced match. Both independent minded and NRI's, they do everything they can to break it off.

Writing a novel becomes really easy if you have notes. I understand that one has to be creative but one has to be organized as well to make sure that you complete that novel you always wanted to write,

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