Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dharamshala- A Summer Retreat

Travelling to hill stations is perhaps the best feeling in the world. You know what to expect- mountains, snow and greenary. Dharamshala in its way, has little surprises in store for you. And I have bitter sweet memories of it starting from the year 1995 when I travelled the place for the first time with my parents to visit my Aunt.  Best part is that she lives in the city. Relatives staying at holiday spots is the right motivation for some bonding. And you save on stay too. How about that? I found Dharamshala in my again and again visiting lists now. Its been three times since i visited the place and each time something different comes up. 

Mc Leod Gunj

Famously pronounced as "Mclaoud" gunj by us punjus, the ride up to the hill to visit the residence of Dalai Lama is just soul stirring. You will find a lot of tourists there but there will be enough space for you to roam about holding hands with your partner or have a giggling session with your besties. The Tibetien Market is spread out and you can find some unique pieces along the way if you are not a miser with buying souvenirs. The peston bowl which sounds like a bell is quiet a popular selling piece here. 
There are cafes and terrace restaurants and you would have a lot to choose from. And they serve good dry chicken and soups for starters. And for vegetarians you can enjoy their exotic mix of salads. 
The view from the Bhagsu water fall is just breath taking and you could have walk down the trail to the falls. the cold water is just the thing for your tired feet.
The monastery is the highlight for many and you can feel the quietness despite the crowd. The humming gets your soul buzzing with peace. You could just sit out there and enjoy a little timeout from life. The prayer wheels where you wish your heart out is fun just to touch and you will actually end up spending more time than you planned.

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium

It only takes a fan to know one. And if you are the cricket fan then come here and spend half a day. Book the restaurant in their VIP section and spend some time going through their picture gallery where you could see some legends hanging on the walls during their prime time.  The colors just pop out here and I am just talking about the chairs that the audience sit on. The small size stadium gives you a view that will stamp on your minds forever.

The VIP Restaurant- The View

Norbulingka Institute

This institute is actually a summer residence of Dalai Lama and you will find a few students making this place a stydy havan. The gardens simply spell happiness all times of the year. And during spring for a photography enthusiast, it's a bonus. The temple inside is two storeyed and you can click a few pictures. The souviner shop is worth visiting and you can pick up things like tote bags, silk maxi dresses, silk coats, T shirts, Tibetian paintings and sculptures- all handmade. They cost a little more but its unqiue and you wouldnt find the stuff anywhere. I picked up T shirts from here with some fun quotes. 
The art shop where you can watch the sculptures in the making. The doll museum is something else. The lifestyle of the localities have been portrayed with dolls. 
The canteen is running and you could enjoy a plate of flat noodles and soup. The experience is unique and you will carry some great memories with you home.

So do plan a trip some time to Dharamshala. Its just a few hours drive from Punjab and Delhi, Or just fly down if you like to reach your destination sooner than that. 
Sculptor at work 

Entrance to the Norbulinga

Doll Museum


  1. Nice clicks dear. Dharamshala is a nice place...I'm eager to visit the place... :-)

    1. Yes, it is amazing. Do plan during peak winters sometimes or summers. It will surprise you :)

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