Monday, April 20, 2015

Will Of Steel- And an Inspiration to all


When you think about courage, you think about soldier's at the border, the police who scours for criminals and perhaps ever man/ woman in uniform. But your bet is right. They are courageous but they fight because its their job. What about people who actually thought their life would be just the way it is? Cancer suffering patients always dream about a perfect life. But the stress of Chemo and medications takes a toll on them and they soon start to forget themselves. They can just lie and wait for life to pass by but not this man. I am talking about Samuel Chettiar, who decided that his battle with life with be running a marathon. He has not let his health defeat him. It takes guts, a strong will and of course a heart of gold to have him do this. And mind you, running a marathon means running for kilometers and training for it till you can actually complete it. Its not wearing T shirts and posing for facebook, it takes a lot to just start the journey and Samuel has shown us that the real happiness lies in fitness and committing your life to a mission. He dreams of running a marathon in Paris 2015 and I really hope he does it. He has dedicated his run to his 9 year old neice, a girl who fought hard with cancer but died not long ago. 

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I’m voting for Samuel Chettiar's #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


Actors/directors perhaps are the only people in the art industry that truly get recognized. What about those who work behind the scenes? Sujathan is not working for a filmfare but he is considered one of the greatest artist who have designed backdrops of several plays. His age hasn't dulled his interest in painting some more and even if a tinned roof and ply wood cut outs as his studio, he shows the true artist's work lies only in his art. Be it good or bad weather, he is always there when it comes to being Kerela's most beloved artists of all times. He has made Indian proud and has made his state proud too. I love him because he has not forgotten the real zest of life even at his old age. 

And perhaps one day I hope to write with wrinkles on my fingers and chipped nails, hoping to live life to my fullest. Just like Sujathan.

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I’m voting for Sujathan's #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


  1. i have been so close to the battle of cancer, my father passed away after the many side-effects of brain tumor, i know what it is to go through all that is one thing to see, another to feel....Samuel is truly a hero, having been through so much....Sujathan is one of the many hidden faces who work to provide joy to other people....kudos to him....

    1. So proud of you Sunaina.I am sure ppl around u r so thankful to have you around.


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