Thursday, April 9, 2015

Trending Fashions In Manipur

So for the love of FASHION i have decided to write a few blogs on the topic. It is getting difficult to maintain another blog dedicated to that. So I am a woman and I actually can write anything I want. Especially when it comes to shopping and clothes and shoes. So I live in Manipur- a beautiful mountain-ey place full of bamboo plants and beautiful paths leading to nowhere. To understand their culture you really have to dig deep because in the end it might just confuse you.

A Christian wedding in Manipur

The normal daily wear of each Manipuri woman is a wrap around skirt known as Phenek and a decent to to go with it. Usually it was just a blouse in the ancient times but things are changing out here and women are getting more fashion conscious with each garment they wear. Their influence starts with Korean movies and often you find them looking so close to an actual celebrity. Even a woman with a decent background will be found carrying a branded bag. Even in a hospital.

They have beauty contests with beautiful handlooms made into a dress or a jacket with the tribal jewelry that actually rocks. Its usually christians or the hindus that dominate the area here. Imphal is full of Meithei (Hindu) and the other little towns crowded with the Christians. But both almost wear similar dress. except Methei's like to wear their Phenek like a half saree. And the colors are booming.

They are good shoppers too. They understand what they want to wear and keep comfort in mind before anything else. Of course they end up looking fabulous too. Here are some traditional dress they wear at several occasions.
The tribal dress of Manipuris and Tripura usually worn for folk dances or festivals
A Meitei Bride with Bridesmaids

The Young girls in Manipur

The young have a different way of seeing things now and they do not mind showing a little skin with cute bows on their heads. And you get so inspired by these girls when you want to try out something new. I got my very own phenek and a silk stole too.

Yea thats me totally enjoying the style and comfort of a Phenek, 


  1. Beautiful pictures. You're looking great in the Phenek...:-)

    1. Thank you Maniparna. So nice of you ti say so :). I enjoy reading your blog as well. Great to connect.

  2. Hi Sonia ,

    Thank you for the tit bits on “phenek”…feeling thrilled to know something beyond vintage collections and ramp walk ravings ;) ;)

    You were talking about colourful handlooms and tribal jewellery! very much fashion lies all over ♥

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