Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Life without Google is no Life at all


I have seen the best of times without a phone. I didn't really have to carry it around with me to know what's happening in my friend's life or that quick chat happened only on sms. Yea, i had those 500 messages free thing going on too. And nothing needed to be answered then and there. One had to go through the books in the library and find out the meaning behind things happening. Reading newspapers was one way. My son wouldn't know how it would be to wait for an answer. He will be among the impatient generation, wanting instant remedies to things.

Google changed my life of course. I am on it every other second looking for information on parenting, fashion, blogs, thesaurus and some times even questions to answer the ultimate meaning of my life. I have even typed "I am Bored- what do i do". And I got answers even to that.

Now if i think about it, I have googled every single thing in the world. And the shocking seconds it takes to answer everything. Never am i disappointed. And to be honest i cannot survive now without it. Yes but life would be slower and people would actually sit together a debate on things, Maybe friends would get together and have a cup of coffee and talk about boys. There are so many maybe's that I cannot count. Let's just pray that life goes on like that- a life with instant answers and solutions to things that we crave for. 

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