Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sense and sensibility with Net Neutrality

AIB coming out with such an issue is one of their best initiatives. And I really never knew that it is such a big issue until now. I did have this nagging doubt in my mind that service providers like Airtel and Vodafone are just making too much money out of it. And I actually pay a hell lout to have a decent speed on my service. The wifi dongle is great but I shell out money just because I need internet day in and out for my work. And when you are unable to access to certain websites just because the bigger fishes are paying them more to draw more customers, its just damn unfair! I love to explore the up coming websites who give a better deal than some. And although we do pay for a 3G connection, the speed sucks at times. 

And finally Airtel comes up with some shitty plan about the companies (like whatsapp, facebook) paying extra directly to them instead of the customer themselves. And that's just unfair when new companies won't be paying extra for anything. They really do not have the budget and their aim will be getting at par with better app or just paying through their nose to these straw-sucking mutants (who by the way just want a little extra pocket money for a holiday abroad).
And what about people who just wants to open a website because they want freedom of speech? Well, they should be given the right to say any damn thing they want as long as it doesn't encourage terrorism. Well, even if it is, people have the right to know what's happening in the world. Internet is the only way they can find out.

I, for one, want complete freedom to view what I want to see and access all the websites without having to pay more than necessary. Also using the apps like whatsapp calling option, I really wouldn't use it if i would have to pay a dime extra. I am already paying the yearly fee which i still think I shouldn't.

For a blogger like me, I like to talk about taboo topics like Indian Army Wives lives, which is not really shown in the right light in reality. I wouldn't want someone to just block my site because I am honest.

So open you eyes before its too late and do not get into their money making gimmicks. Support #NetNeutrality and #SaveTheInternet. 

To people its a sincere request to go through the consultation paper before you sign up with the service provider and email answers to before April 24, 2015


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