Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baapu Bazaar- Street Shopping In Jaipur

Jholas, Bags
Since I keep going to the city once or twice a year, Jaipur has become my kind of place to shop. You can make a huge list of things that you could get from the place and if you have the bargaining skills of a champ then you can spend very little and go home with heavy shopping bags.

Some of the places I always end up going is Bapu Bazaar because its just so easy to walk into the well built pavements where no vehicles crowd you. There is a great parking space just opposite where you could just leave your car safely and forget about it for a few hours.

If you are a fan of tradition and colors then there is a huge list of things that you could get here. You could be confused for a while of what to get but the colors will lure you and you will just have such a good time here.

laakh Bangles 
The mehendi wala sits around where you could get your henna decoration done. And who said you needed an occasion for mehendi. For Jaipur, every day is a celebration of colors.  There will be food stalls serving the chat that we all love, coconut water, so you won't exactly go hungry while spending sme serious time here. So have fun shopping!

Lamps and ash trays

Kick knaks like key chains, pens for your desk
Trendy bangles made of cloth

Jutties and chappals for everyday wear


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    1. I knw! I always pick up so many things fr my home. :)

  2. Those vibrant colours are perfectly captured in the pictures, makes me want to buy everything I see

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