Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kumbalgargh, Rajhasthan - The World Heritage

Kumbalgarh, Rajhasthan

My last vacation was spent visiting the cities of Rajhastan. But the last minutes visit to this fort really left a mark on my mind. And was glad to see so many tourists too. The great warrior of the ancient times, Maharana Pratap's birthplace, Kumbalgarh is now a place thats hardly known to the tourists visiting Rajhasthan. But when you see the giant fort with intimidating steps that will take you to the top of the palace, the view will not disappoint you. Known to us as the The great wall of India, you will not oppose the desi name given to this wondrous architecture.
The legend goes that the king who wanted a strong palace where no one could enter or destroy it, had to ask a rishi for advise. And since the palace kept falling apart he as asked to make a sacrifice. The first man who enters should be beheaded. Since no one agreed the Rishi offered himself. So, the entrance was built wher the Rishi's head had fallen and thus Kumbalgarh become one of the most powerful and secure forts in India. You can find an entire city placed below the fort and its not habited a

The handmade vegetable paintings, depicting agressive elephants
The temple in the fort always has its diya burning bright, says it protected by the Gods. And an old lady sits at the porch, its all spooky because I cannot guess her age.

The room where the queens used to live is open to the public. However the King's palace is still under archaeological survey and they might have some interesting stuff hiding inside. They even have the bathroom (Just a hole dug in the ground) safely preserved. The drainage system was developed quiet well for their times. And the handpainted decorations with vegetable dye still intact. 

The queen's quarters

The small canteen right after you reach the earth will feel like a havan. You get everything here- from Maggie to grilled sandwiches to omelettes. So make that trip to the top as a motivation for a good workout and come down and gorge on delicious food.

To know more about Rajhasthan read: Rajasthan, Outlook India
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The top most view. The queen's quarters

Almost at the top. This is where the servants quarters are

Dilly dallying along the way. A great picnic spot.


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