Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Soldier is my hero- Literally

The women in our country are always taken for granted. And It happens every day when I wake up and walk that path and see some very disturbing glances at my way and I all I could do is ignore and not make an issue out of it because as it is only women are given instructions that they have to ‘take care’, ‘dress down’ and not draw ‘attention’ to themselves. But reality is something else. A woman doesn’t really want to draw any attention at all. She is going her, doing her things and not making a big deal about it at all.

But things like that happen and there is always someone who would help you to deal with this. I never liked being grouped and at the time it felt like it was my fault and it happened to quickly that I couldn’t react at the time and I went crying home, telling no one about my shame. And at the time while I was dating this man who was at the academy training, I had only him to rely on and express my deep dark secrets.  And how he beat up guys for misbehaving was one of the funniest moments in my life. But it meant that I wanted to spend my life with him.

And the thing that pained me for a while helped me rise up after a few talks. This man who is now a major in the army is not a hero just because he serves the country. He is a hero because I know that he will be there for me whenever time comes.  He will make my gloomy days into sunshine and fill me with more love every day. Its been ten years that I have been with him and life doesn’t change drastically. I like it when he gets concerned about me and asks me if I am happy.

And he comes from a humble family with great values that women are treated like a lady. Having lived in Ajmer (Rajhasthan) he was mostly a small town boy but that makes him tough in many other ways. He can survive any situation given to him. From living on a hill without electricity and water that comes and goes because he has to put other people’s safety in mind than thinking about luxury. But that's just him.

Otherwise we share travelling as a passion and have had unlimited good times. I call him my partner in crime coz he just makes me feel safe and secure. I just want to thank him for being so patient and a wonderful husband...

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